Tomes LTD - official distributor for Mak AD and Veni Style

We are distributors of Corporate Wear made by the company Veni Style, Plovdiv and of workwear, made by the company Mak AD. For any enquiries for corporate and workwear, please get in touch at, phone +359 2 9621751, fax +359 2 9621743.


Mak AD company is situated in the town of Gabrovo and is one of the oldest textile companies in Bulgaria. The company is specialized in the production of fabics and of uniforms and workwear.

The company disposes of a complete technological line and machinery for the preparation, the weaving and the fabric finishing of all kinds of woven fabrics:

The company is producing wide range of different styles and models of workwear. With its own sampling department it is possible to develop different models according to the customer’s demand, no matter what the fabrics or the styles are.

Veni Syle

Veni Style is a well established manufacturer with strong traditions in the production of corporate wear and Ladies'wear. The company has a team of over 150 employees and modern production facilities of 2700 square meters total area. A big team of trained experts provide the quality control on every step of the production cycle. These procedures verify that we can guarantee both the high quality of the products and the planned delivery time.

Our history dates back from 1990 when Veni Style was registered as one of the first sewing companies in the town of Plovdiv at that time.

Veni Style offers its clients the full set of services:

Our basic rule is quality performance of the undertaken engagements in the required by the clients delivery plan.

The company Veni Style is also producing Ladies' clothes with the trade mark ETERE.